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July 20, 2016

The Duties Of A Law Advocate An attorney is a learned professional who makes use of abstract theories and knowledge to reach at a desirable solution. He is also referred to as a lawyer or an advocate. When people intermingle, conflicts emerge from time to time. Hence, issues is matters that cannot be averted. Therefore lawyers come in to try help fighting factions end conflict peacefully by the use of law. Advocates specialize differently so as to yield varying breeds of law practitioners. Examples of advocates include malpractice and corporate attorneys. Specialization makes lawyers to be qualified in their work differently. There is no individual who is above the law. Advocates strives to enforce this concept with the help of judges. The practice of law is not limited to a courtroom. Therefore lawyers can practice law anywhere. Advocates are expected to represent their clients in a case. The law categorically states that all suspects are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law. He should be in a position of educating his client on the client’s rights and obligations and possible implications. This thus makes the lawyer an individual responsible for negotiating on behalf of his client. Justice can only be achieved in a court of law by the use of good lawyer who is well researched and versed with matters relating to law. Mediation is also another aspect that advocates are expected to tackle. It is used between two parties that feel that their grievances can be settled outside a courtroom. Hence an advocate acts neutrally by listening to the grievances on both sides then coming up with an amicable solution. Law reforms should be called for by a great advocate whenever opportunity presents itself so that the current doctrines can be improved so as to provide equality and justice for both the mighty and the oppressed.
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It is important for an advocate to make independent judgments and decisions and should refrain from greedy behavior that might otherwise tarnish his credibility in the long run. An attorney should not withhold any information from his client no matter how minute it appears to be. A lawyer should not use his knowledge to blackmail other people so as to get his way with the case. A lawyer is allowed to challenge the proceedings of a case whenever possible but never should he try that on a legal process. Therefore, an advocate is a person trained to help the helpless find justice whenever possible.
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In conclusion, an advocate is happens to be an individual who is well researched, learned and possesses great interpersonal and public skills. An attorney is an professional who puts clients’ welfare before his. It is with such individuals that the world becomes a better place to live in.